My uncle is very humor. I remember once uncle, aunt and so on the good people to my home help my moms birthday, buy a big cake, do a desks. Time of have a meal, I go to uncle there to hold soup bowl, carry away, do not pay attention to the body and uncle, I want to uncle must be furious, I mouth the in a whisper: this miserable, uncle certain to scold me. Unexpectedly, uncle unexpectedly smile happily of say to me: you put the soup to I drink, you drink what you drink it. I hurriedly said born Im sorry. Then uncle said to me: do what matter all to be careful, cant do HuangHuangMangMang. The uncle say that finish, everyone laugh my face is red. This is my uncle, a humorous uncle

  Mom is the one I love best in the world, she give me life and bring me up; She is soft, if I do something wrong, she will tell me where I am wrong, but she will not shout me loudly; But time flies, I want she can be young forever but I can’t do it. I still remember that when I saw some grey of her hair, I felt sad and panic. She take her best time to rise me, but she isn’t asking for return just because she love me; Maybe this is the greatest love in the world. I can do nothing but study hard to go to college. I hope she can be happy and healthy everyday.